In a bid to establish our commitment to quality we subjected our bolting products to the stringent quality audit by American Petroleum Institute. View our current API 20E monogram license status for all 3 bolting specifications (BSL1, BSL2, BSL3)

NUBOTECK is an expert in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide variety of speciality alloy fasteners, including intricate machined components. Our passion for excellence has driven us to become a global supplier to the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for the oil and gas, petrochemical, construction, wind power industries. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Pune City is well developed and equipped to produce reliable fastener systems for our customers’ unique specifications, and drawings.

"NUBOTECK" story started when the founding members realised, the criticality of the fasteners i.e. the nuts and studs was not being realised fully by their vendors and so the quality which was getting delivered was not what they as customers expected. With a highly motivated team this industry focused venture was setup.

NUBOTECK is now a complete end-to-end solution provider, with complete control over the process of manufacturing. We understand that the quality starts right from the raw-material i.e. the steel bars with specific chemical properties. To achieve the mechanical attributes of the fastener, we have established in-house heat-treatment facility. We follow ASME standards to deliver the utmost quality threads.


GAT 144/1, Sanaswadi, Pune - Ahmednagar Highway, Shirur, Pune, Maharashtra 412208, India